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Project 365x3: Day 3- March 7th

I spent most of my morning editing a maternity session from Wednesday evening. This was one of my favorite shots, so I thought I would share it with all of you! :) If you want to check out other work, here is my FB page:!/abayphotography :) Head on over there and add me as a friend!

I took a picture this morning of my belly... as of March 8th, we officially have 2 MONTHS until our due date. I know.. I take like 9,000 pics of this belly every day. I'm obsessed and I want to remember every single second of it :) 

She's just a growing... and kicking up a storm, haha! I swear this child never stops (well, unless we are at an ultrasound or someone else has their hand on my stomach, hahahaha!) I think we are in for it with her. Tayler was always cooperative... this one is stubborn. I think she's gonna LOOK like her daddy... AND act like him. Lord, help us! ;)

I have to tell you. Tayler LOVES 'Yo Gabba Gabba.' It's on here 24/7... I know every episode... every song. I jump up inside (and out) when I see there's a new episode so I can hear/watch something new, but she has found a new love... BLESS THE LORD, haha!


Yes, my friends. We can watch this.. and we laugh.. and laugh. I have watched this 'We Love to Rock' episode about 95x. I can't wait for her birthday... we are going to buy her some 'Bubble Guppies' DVDs so we don't have to watch the same ones on demand consistently. I am so excited... It's something new and I don't mind hearing it all day, haha! I love hearing her giggle too!

Later on in the evening, we went to Papaw and Gigi's house. That seems to be our Thursday night routine anymore. Tayler loves being over there, so we try and get there for her to play at least one night a week :) She is hilarious with this basket protector of my mom's... she is always sitting in it.. and tonight I went back to check on her (in her big girl room there...) and she was stuck in it. HYSTERICAL.

Not the best quality because they were on my cell phone, but you get the picture, haha! :)

And my mom and dad bought her a hot pink toy box that matches her room... but her favorite thing is to stand on it and 'jump' (I say jump, but really she just falls forward hoping someone will catch her LOL) This is what we did about 50,000 times last night ;) I won't say she was hyper because someone kept feeding her the puppy chow my mom was making.... DAD.

She is too cute for her own good sometimes. LOL

And we even paused for a photo ;)

Of course, she just wanted to keep jumping, but she gave in for one shot, haha! :)

We finally packed things up and headed home to watch 'American Idol.' If you remember correctly, they were picking the TOP 10 tonight :) So, we got all of our peejays on and cuddled in bed.

Yesterday, I posted that I thought these people were making it through:

1. Burnell Taylor
2. Curtis Finch Jr. (MY FAVORITE GUY!)
3. Lazaro Arbos
4. Nick Boddington Devin Velez 
5. Elijah Liu Paul Jolley

1. Angie Miller (MY FAVORITE BEYOND FAVORITES. I hope she wins the whole thing!)
2. Breanna Steer Janelle Miller 
3. Aubrey Cleland Amber Holcomb 
4. Tenna Torres Kree Harrison 
5. Candice Glover

I've x-ed out who didn't make it through that I thought and wrote who made it next to their name!

So, I was 5 for 10, haha! :) I honestly cannot believe Tenna Torres didn't make it. She was my favorite under Angie Miller, but oh well I suppose! That's the way the wind blew. What are your thoughts? Did your favorites make it?? My girl favorite/guy favorite made it through, so I am pretty happy! Can't wait for the real competition to start :)

Cheers to Project 365x3.. it's almost the weekend!!

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