Saturday, March 9, 2013

Project 365x3-- Day 4: March 8th

I'm not going to lie. We had a pretty lazy day today, lol :) I didn't feel too hot when I woke up, so we got our baths, got dressed for the day, and started our 'Bubble Guppie' adventure ;) My Grandma ended up stopping by with gifts for the girls :) She bought this adorable onesie for Quinn:

Isn't that cute??

And she bought Tayler some board books. Tayler LOVES them.

They're just these cute little books that she LOVES reading :) thanks Grandma!!

I had been having trouble with contractions all day yesterday and they really started to get intense through out the afternoon. I love having an app on my phone that keeps track of these kind of things because Lord knows I would forget... or lose my piece of paper, haha!

You just hit 'start timing' and then hit 'end timing' once the contraction is over. It keeps track of duration as well as the frequency. Life saver! After a nice, warm bath and a relaxing afternoon in bed, they seemed to be easing up. The doctor didn't seem extremely concerned, just gave me orders to keep an eye on things, drink lots of water, and keep my feet up!

After I started feeling better, we all got ready and went to the skating rink for my little cousin's 7th birthday! Hard to believe she's '7.' I remember holding her at the hospital when she was just born!

The good ol' skating rink. I haven't been there in years. My brother and I were joking that the place hasn't changed a bit since we were kids, lol :) I, of course, didn't skate, but Ethan, Dad, and I tag-teamed Tayler the entire time!

My Aunt Shelly took some photos at the party and I wanted to share a few of my munchkin:

She was wearing us out, haha! She wanted to be on the skating rink floor SO bad, lol! Maybe next year one of us can take her out there ;) but tonight, it wasn't happening, haha! I feel like she looks so big in these pictures. Gets me all choked up. My baby totally isn't a baby anymore :( Thanks for the pictures Aunt Shell!

And while being there.. and probably partially due to me chasing Tayler everywhere (haha), the contractions were back, so we ended up leaving early so I could come home and put my feet up. My little munchkin made it so much better though :) She is the prettiest little thing. She kept coming over to me and rubbing my arm and leg... then she curled up next to me while we watched 'Bubble Guppies' :) What a fun Friday night!

Such a pretty girl :)

It was a great day! Hoping Saturday is even better... and that there's no more harsh contractions for the time being ;) She needs to bake longer, gosh darn it!

Cheers to Project 365x3!

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