Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Diaper Stacker/Holder

So, yes.... my daughter is 2 months and 3 weeks old and I'm just now coming to the realization that I NEED a diaper holder in her bedroom. I need organization... I'm desperate, haha! There are packages of diapers laying on her floor and it just looks sooooo cluttered! So, I'm slow... and... CHEAP. I want to make my own out of Zebra Striped fabric and hot pink fabric, but HOW? 

If you want an idea of what I'm looking to make, see here:

I guess they call it a 'Diaper Stacker' in this picture, but you get the picture, haha!

Now the question is... HOW DO I DO THIS?

I try to be crafty, but I'm sometimes terrible at it. I don't own a sewing machine, thread, or even a needle, so I figure my first step should be there. I do have scissors, so I guess I'm on the right path, right?

I think I'll start with the top thing and use a hanger for that then maybe wrap the fabric around it and make a base to it. Would cardboard work for the base? Diapers really aren't that heavy...

What are your thoughts on this?

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I believe the storebought ones just use cardboard, so in my opinion, that should work fine.

There is a tutorial that goes along with the picture you found. Here it is:

Don't worry about the fact she uses a serger--you can reinforce your seams with a zigzag stitch, but yes--a sewing machine will be a necessary purchase. You should be able to get a decent starter model at Walmart for around $100 or less, they carry Brother, which is a good brand. Or, if you think you may want to take up sewing more things (I can assure you, it's addictive), you can spend a bit more for a better machine than a simple starter model. My machine is a Kenmore that ran about $400 or so. I since found out that Kenmore sewing machines are made by Janome, which is a top brand.

Good luck!!