Sunday, June 19, 2011

Project 365: Day 2- June 18th

My day started with being UBER nervous! Today was my FIRST Scentsy party (outside of my own house!) Yeah... talk about being nauseous and hot haha! They were all asking that I bring Tayler, so my mom came along to keep an eye on her (feed her, change her... you know the drill LOL) We arrived and I got started setting up the table. I wanted it to look as professional as possible. Doesn't that McDonalds Sweet Tea cup look it? haha!

And here's Tayler and Gigi after Tayler got some grub, haha!! She was OUT!

Everyone passed her around.. hehe! I think they MIGHT have liked her ;) But how could you not, right? LOL! :) We had soooooo much fun! I can't wait for another Scentsy party already!

After we got home, we started running around, packing our bags, and picking up some things so we could head over to my parent's house. My dad said the only thing he wanted for Father's Day was his kids hanging out with him... eating, playing corn hole... you know the drill! :) So, we went over there with Tayler for the night! (Yes, we even spent the night, haha!)

Tayler was having a great time while we were all eating yummy steak, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salads, and Dairy Queen cake :)

She even WANTED some cake, haha!! 

Then the Dads opened cards and presents! Dad got CDs from us and food from Whole Foods from Corey and Marie (Dad loves his coffee!) And E got a card from us as well as.......

Yes, A HAMMOCK! Although, I don't know that he understands the concept... haha!
We had such an amazing night :) We even played some corn hole :) It was GREAT!

Happy First Father's Day to my hubby, Ethan! Tayler and I love you!

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