Monday, June 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 3- June 19th

We spent the night with my parents the night before, so we woke up this morning to some yummy chocolate chip pancakes and eggs... thanks dad! :) Tayler looked absolutely ADORABLE... if I do say so myself, haha! :) She turned away from the camera here, but it's a great shot of her cute little outfit ;)

And here's a picture of Daddy and Tayler! Happy Father's Day, E! We love you!

Once we got home, E went and worked on his boat, so I decided to 'try' and build the hammock. Boy was that a lot harder than it looks, haha! I, unfortunately, didn't get it done before he got home.. but we built it together and I think Ethan loves it! I doubt he'll do anything again, haha! Here's how our yard is set up now (don't mind the sweet tea cups and the un-cut grass... Ethan...)

See his hammock over there? Love it! We are planning on sanding and repainting the table and building a canopy for our swing. All in good time! We'll get there! :) We want it to be our little private happy place, haha! Just nice and peaceful.. maybe with a few lights :)

After that, Ethan went to work, so Tayler and I went to the ball park to watch Papaw and Uncle Corey play some ball :) Here she and I are watching the game!

We were saying our 'goodbyes' and she was having a pretty intense conversation with Uncle Core :) He kept making her laugh!

Then Tayler and I went to Wendy's with Gigi and I tried their new Wild Berry Tea. OH MY WORD! HEAVEN ON EARTH, YES??? Soooooo good! If you haven't tried it, DO IT! :)
We had a GREAT day! Happy Father's Day to my amazing dad and hubby, Ethan! You guys are amazing!

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Scott & I tried the tea last week and man it's good! Did you try their berry almond salad? I was surprised at how good it was. It tasted very fresh.