Thursday, March 21, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 16- March 20th

We turned '33 weeks' pregnant today as you all saw on my Pregnancy Post yesterday :) Hard to believe isn't it? That means only 28-49 days until baby #2 arrives!  I shared this belly picture yesterday, but I thought I would share it as a part of my Project 365 as well :)

My growing girl :) We get to see her again this Sunday and I CANNOT wait!!!

And I thought I'd share a close-up too! I too this one yesterday too ;)

I love seeing that belly! I am so excited for her to get here, but I know part of me is going to REALLY miss that baby bump too!! :) It's a bittersweet thing. I'll be ready to get back in to regular clothes again, but I know how I felt after Tayler was born. You miss those kicks, nudges, and hiccups-- them being near you 24/7. Like I said-- bittersweet ;) I am SUPER STOKED for her to arrive though! Not much longer!

And today was...

'Lets attempt to potty train my crazy almost 2 year old' Day.

I just realized her little butt cheek was hanging out. Oops. But she's adorable. Things went ALRIGHT. I won't say amazing, but we are making progress, haha! :) 

And I worked on things for Tayler's birthday party today too!

I'm making 'name cards' for all of the food that will be there. They all have 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' characters in their names. Cute huh?? I CANNOT WAIT!! :) It's this Saturday. I have so much left to do, but it is soooo much fun, haha! But, it's bittersweet as well. Lots of fun, but lots of work. Thank goodness birthdays only come 1 time a year, right? ;)

And I have one amazing husband. Look what he brought home for me...

Raspberry Lemonade from 'Bob Evans.' Oh yes. I am addicted. He's the best.

And we had to giggle at Tayler. She was DYING to go outside today. Unfortunately, it looks beautiful outside, but it's still FREEZING! I felt so bad for her. She wants some warmer weather SO bad.  So, this was what she did all afternoon...

I know you can't see her face, haha. The sun was too bright, but she kept pushing that chair over to the window and just watching outside... bless her heart. Come on.. I could handle some 60 degree weather right about now and I know she could too! I feel terrible having to tell her no :(

After that was her dentist appointment and it honestly breaks my heart because I completely forgot to take pictures of her there :( It was her first dentist appointment EVER.. and I FORGOT!!!! :( It just went so quickly, ugh! She fell and chipped her teeth and they were starting to discolor, so we took her there. The dentist said he doesn't see any nerve damage, so that's a great thing! There are some things we could do cosmetically if we want them to look better, but he doesn't see anything wrong with them health-wise which makes me feel SO much better!

After that, we went to my sister's 26th birthday bash at the bowling alley. Tayler had a blast. She ran EVERYWHERE. My sister had her wig there that she has to wear for an upcoming show and so they tried it on Ethan, haha!

Ooo, you so sexy. HAHA!

All I could think about was CAKE. I had wanted some all day, so I was pretty stoked that she had some there!

Yes, even Tayler enjoyed it!! :) We were in heaven... we both really like cake ;)

Happy Birthday, Jenn!!

And cheers to Project 365x3!

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