Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project 365x3: Day 15- March 19th

I didn't have any sessions to edit today, so Tayler and I got to spend ALL day together :) She had her bath and breakfast and then it was 'reading' time :) She loves her chair that our sweet friends Brittany and Natalie bought her for her birthday last year and she decided to sit in that this morning and 'read' hehe :)

Doesn't she look SO big?? Goodness gracious!

We hung out with Gigi today, too! She brought the tutu she made for Tayler's birthday party and tried it on her. Tayler wasn't sure at first, haha! She kept holding her arms straight out and wouldn't let them touch the tutu, LOL! It was hysterical. But after that, she kept stealing it and taking it to her play room! :) I think she's a pretty big fan :)

All of that must have worn her out though because she climbed right up by my side, cuddled in to me, and fell asleep.

I love our snuggles :) Hard to believe we are going to have TWO to snuggle with before long!

We snuggled on the couch while Ethan and I watched 'Supernatural' on Netflix. We finished 'Rules of Engagement' Tuesday night and decided to start a new series today :) I have already seen the first 4 seasons, but it's an amazing show and I don't mind the refresher one bit! Who doesn't love the Winchester boys!

And my other munchkin was going CRAZY during the TV show, haha! I kept feeling like I was having a contraction and I finally lifted up my shirt and saw a little booty pushing up on one side of my body, haha!! She is such an active baby! And she stretches ALL of the time! Must be losing space quickly, haha!

After that, we packed up our stuff and went to my parent's house for the evening. Y'all know we like getting over there once a week and we won't be able to do it Wednesday evening or Thursday evening, so we went ahead and did it tonight :) Tayler loves it there! I didn't get the best picture of her tonight, but she was having fun playing with Gigi in her room :)

She has so much fun there! I'm glad we have the opportunity to do it like we do!

And that was our relaxing day :) Hope you all had an amazing day too!! 


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