Monday, March 18, 2013

Project365x3- Day 11: March 15th

Friday, I spent most of my day editing photo sessions. I wanted to get completely caught up before the weekend started.. and YAY :) I did! It was such a relief! 

Funny story--

We were supposed to get our house appraised Wednesday morning, but the appraiser ended up cancelling due to sickness. Well, our realtor called me and told me that she would be coming by at 11:30AM Friday. So, I woke up this morning, got ready, got Tayler ready, and cleaned up the house.. I wanted to be completely prepared for her in hopes that our house would FINALLY get appraised today! :) I had the whole house straightened up and I finally sat down around 11AM to start some editing while I waited for her. All of Tayler's toys were still laying all around the living room where she was playing with them. I figured I could just clean them up about 11:15/11:20 and head out the door. Well, at 11:01 I hear a door... and I look out my window.. and the appraiser is HERE ALREADY!!!! LOL So, I started running around like a crazy person throwing all of her toys in to her play room, cleaning that up, throwing things in to a diaper bag, throwing shoes on Tayler, as well as a coat.. and I ran out the door. I couldn't believe she was early, but I wasn't complaining LOL! We were finally getting our house appraised!! :) 

I called my mom and told her what had happened and she said, 'You know.. you wouldn't have these hilarious stories if everything in your life went how you thought it was going to.' LOL! She is so right, haha! So from about 11:05AM-11:30AM, this was my view:

She said she wouldn't be long, so Tayler and I just hung out in a parking lot for a few :)

Once we got home, after I edited sessions, it was play time!

She kept dragging these blocks everywhere that her uncle Jon and aunt Arena got her :) So we decided to build with them. She had soooo much fun :)

And once Ethan got home, I had one photo session, then we decided to take her to the McDonalds Play Place! It has been cold since Sunday (we had amazing weather then!) and she's been dying to get outside, so we thought we would take her there. She had an absolute BLAST!

I love seeing her interact with people :) 

She even got some cuddles with Daddy while eating her chicken nuggets!

He doesn't absolutely adore her, now does he? :)

We hung out there for awhile... then headed home to throw her in the bath. I'm one of those weird moms that I think about all of the germs she touched.. and she has to have a bath almost immediately after leaving there, haha! :) She got a bath and I decided to try and french braid her hair in to pig tails so she would have curly hair for Saturday.

She wouldn't hold still for a picture, but I think they're cute! :) Unfortunately they fell out in the middle of the night, LOL, but at least I tried!

We spent the rest of our night cuddled up on the couch catching up on 'Vampire Diaries.' Anyone else watch?? Elena is breaking my heart right now. I do not like the person she is right now... at all :( Anyone else feel that way?? And is Jeremy EVER coming back or did they write him off the show completely? I mean, I know he's dead LOL but people always come back to life on this show, so you never know, haha!

We had a great day today!

Cheers to Project 365x3!

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