Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 366: The Beginning

I look back on stopping Project 365 (even though for me it was like a Project 642342 haha) and I regret stopping it. I love looking back at December 2010 and seeing what life was like at that point in time and it makes me sad that I won't be able to share in that for a few months. I stopped October 27th, 2011.. so I've missed about 4 months. Darn it.


I am going to start back up tomorrow. I still plan on posting the weekly meals and what not, but I'm going to start doing Project 365 again. I guess this year would be Project 366, but you get the point, haha! I am going to start taking a picture.. or a few pictures.. a day to just remember what life was like during this time. Our precious baby is almost a year old and I just want to capture every single moment that I possibly can with her! Want to see a picture of her right now?

She's 46 weeks old today. 6 weeks until her 1st birthday. Crazy isn't it? And she's not a huge fan of pictures anymore. Obviously. haha! She's such a character! We are planning her birthday party and all of that fun stuff! Such a big girl :) I love her so much!


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