Friday, February 17, 2012

Project 366: Day 1 [February 17th]

We got a visitor today: my Grandma Smith.. which would be Tayler's Great Grandma! She came baring gifts as she always does even though we constantly tell her that she can just come to visit without anything at all! But she brought me some US magazines (yes, I read those trashy magazines about celebrities. I can't help it! They just suck me in, folks!), coupons (cause I clip like a fool), chocolate chip cookies (yes, I'm feeling better), and she brought Tayler a new lamp for her room. She LOVES it. It's just gorgeous and it matches her black, white, and hot pink polka dots perfectly!

We tried it out in the living room at first and Tayler was just mesmerized by it. Thanks Grandma! :) 

After Grandma left, Tayler was getting super cranky. It was probably because she was up until 2AM playing (my fault for letting her nap at 7pm.. but seriously, you should have seen how grouchy she was!! lol) Not to mention she woke back up at 830AM (yessss this mommy was worn out!) So by 11am, she was seriously ready for some sleeping action and I was too, so guess what we did? We cuddled up for a nap on the couch. Those are my favorite naps, seriously ;)

She is without a doubt my best friend. Lets face it-- no one else will get that close to me to sleep, haha :P

And once nap time was over.. and I got done watching my court shows (anyone else out there addicted? Love me some Swift Justice, Alex Ferraro, and People's Court. Amen!) I turned on some Yo Gabba Gabba for the Tayter-Bug. It's her absolute FAVORITE. So, she enjoyed that for a little while :)

She chews on that binkie in the weirdest ways anymore. Oh and see how messy my house is? Or should I say was? haha! She was a tornado today! And she kept laughing hysterically when I put the numbers in that block clock. I don't know what it was about it, but she LOVED it. 

Once Daddy got home, we packed up the car and went to purchase some new softball stuff for him :) He is starting a team this year and is super excited about it, so we went and bought a new bat, new ball bag, and new cleats for him. Scott and Bobby came along for the ride. Bobby didn't pose with the boys.. not sure why either. It's such a cool picture LOL

Then Tayler and I left Daddy with the boys and we came home. We had a few snuggles, we ate a salad together (she loves lettuce and ham.. it's crazy!) and then we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned! Well, Tayler pulled out her toys as I kept putting them away, but I think she thought it was something helpful, haha! She's soooo cute. I love this little girl more than I ever thought possible :)

And that was our first day back at doing Project 365.. well, scratch that. Project 366. I can say

"Cheers to Project 366"


Hope y'all had a fabulous Friday!

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