Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 366: Day 2 [February 18th]

Saturday. How I had been waiting for Saturday... Ethan and I were going to have a night away thanks to Valentine's Day :) You all know that story... had my wisdom teeth out... was drugged up and weird on Tuesday.. Ethan probably didn't even get a kiss because my mouth hurt so bad.. even with Vicodin. Surprising, I know. So, he needed some lovin' haha! 

We had a good morning leading up to dropping Tayler off at my parent's house :) We went for a walk with our sweet Tayler. She LOVES being outside.. and well, so do we. And it was a gorgeous day out. Slightly cold, but it was super sunny. We even met some neighbors which hasn't happened yet thanks to the frigid temperatures that keep us burrowing inside near the fire place :) Here's Daddy and Tayler on a walk:

See how gorgeous it was? And Tayler is so cute in those little ugg boots her Uncle Corey and Aunt Marie bought her. I just love that little girl!

We left around 2 to drop her off at Papaw and Gigi's house. I wasn't worried at all about leaving her. She gets spoiled rotten there! LOL But I knew I was going to miss her!

We arrived at the hotel and relaxed for a little while. They were serving wine and cheese at 6PM... I know.. wine and cheese? We sound ritzy! We loved feeling 'classy' for a night. haha! We're typically beer drinkers with some wings and pizza. This was completely out of the ordinary for us, but we were certainly enjoying it! Here's the cheese and crackers and the glass of wine:

And after that, we waited for dinner. We were super excited for the menu! The menu stated that we would get a salad with our choice of dressing, bread, the entree with a vegetable, and then a dessert. I didn't take a picture of our food because we were too busy scarfing it down, but Ethan got a salad with ranch dressing, 2 slices of AMAZING bread with this garlicky butter, Chicken Marsala, and peace pie with cool whip. I got a salad with ranch dressing as well, the same amazing bread, Monterey Chicken, and the same pie. IT WAS THE BEST MEAL EVER. I wish I was just saying that, but seriously. The only way I could describe it was that after every bite I forgot what it tasted like and I was pleasantly surprised every single time I took another bite. It melted in your mouth. And the pie-- oh my word. They gave us an extra slice to take back to our room for a 'bed time snack.' Can we say incredible?? Here Ethan is enjoying it:

And I forgot to show us waiting for dinner in their 'movie room.' We were watching The Food Network (anyone love 'Chopped?' :)) And it was only making our mouths water even more! 

After dinner, we drug our fat selves walked to our bedroom (the one we had the night of our wedding reception :)) and got ready for bed! After a full belly, you know the only logical thing to do is SLEEP. But I took a few pictures of the room:

The amazing bed that you have to walk up stairs to get into! ^^

The heart-shaped jacuzzi... There's a funny story along with this! So, Ethan was in the bathroom, so I was like 'Hey, I'll get this thing started with some bubbles.' Well, when I first started the water, I put a little bit of bubbles into it. But it didn't seem like 'enough.' You know? I felt like they were just going to fizzle away. So, I just kept pouring. And once again, half the bottle wasn't doing much either. I was thinking, 'What the heck? These things suck...' and so... I did what ANY person would do and poured the whole bottle in. And yet again.. still wasn't enough (or so I thought) so I said 'Ah well, who needs bubbles!' 


We got in and turned the jets on. Well wouldn't you know that all that bubble action got bigger... and bigger.... and bigger thanks to the lovely jets. And yes, it overflowed *smacks head* How was I suppose to know? LOL You could not even see Ethan there were so many bubbles and seriously guys, I wish I was exaggerating. Only *I* would do that! So, needless to say, our jacuzzi time was cut short because we had to drain the water and wait for the bubbles to dry up. Eek!


here's the fire place, TV, and DVD player.

They even have a 500 DVD selection downstairs for you to choose from AND cable. We decided to snuggle up with 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.' (Our FAVORITE show on the Food Network!)

We're so old.

We were in bed by 11.... and we slept 10 whole hours. I didn't wake up until 9AM LOL I think I overslept though... I felt terrible when I got up, haha! I'm used to sleeping like 5 hours, so 10 nearly killed me! LOL

But in all sincerity, we had an AMAZING time. If you are looking for a relaxing environment and great food, try out the 'Inn at Dresden' in Dresden, OH. You will NOT be disappointed. The place is gorgeous and they take such good care of you. They even serve you breakfast in the morning (quiche, breakfast cookies, and fresh fruit with coffee and OJ.) They play relaxing music while you're eating. You see all of Dresden and beyond that from the top of the hill and the staff makes you feel like family. We decided that we would save up money and go there once a year for our anniversary. I would recommend ANY couple to go at least once a year. It is good for your marriage to just get away from 'city life' and escape for a night. It is well worth the money. If you are planning on going, we stayed in the 'Dresden Suite.' It is PERFECTION. 

Cheers to Project 366!

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