Saturday, July 2, 2011

Project 365: Day 15- July 1st


Yes indeed. We headed up to the Kalahari.... my favorite place in the world. Seriously, if you've never been here. Make the trip. It is soooo worth it :)

We had a loong trip up here thanks to crazy construction and ridiculously looooooooooooooong trains!! It was craziness. Here's a snap shot of the trains and then a picture of E and me :) We jammed to some Kellie Picker while waiting for this train... 'I'll be there in the back of your mind!"

We finally got there at about 4:30PM and we were ready to hit up the water park :) It's amazing in there! Here's the wave pool. Can you spot E and me?

We put Tayler in a life jacket to go around the lazy river with Mom and me. It didn't fit quite right, haha!

She wasn't a fan of that, so we took her to the kids land! :) She LOVED that! Her and I went down the slide and we played in the water!!

That's my water baby :)

We are having a wonderful time :) It's absolutely gorgeous here!

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