Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project 365: Day 13- June 29th

Today, Carrie and Matt came over to swim and eat some pizza! We were sooo excited to see them! Since we've moved about 40 minutes away from our friends, we've really started to miss them! As odd as it sounds, considering I moved back to my home, I don't have any close friends here. So, my heart aches a little when I think that my best friends were left behind in our move... but anyways, they came down and boy oh boy, we had so much fun! Tayler was kind of cranky because she hadn't napped all morning (when Papaw is around, there is no sleeping for her haha!) So, she was snoozing a bit outside while we were all hanging out. 

And it was the cutest thing... she took her binky out of her mouth and held on to it :) She'd never really done that before, hehe! I, of course, has to take pictures!! 

Carrie and I hung out... and had the boys doing an Olympics contest :) haha!

Their first task was to do a hand stand. Ethan's was pathetic at first, haha, but they eventually caught on :)

Then, we ate some pizza, cleaned up the house, and E headed to work while Dad, Mom, Tayler, and me headed to Columbus to watch Corey and Marie play some softball :) 

Here's Tayler in her stroller like a big girl! We usually have the car seat in it, but I forgot that car seat, haha! So, she sat in it like a big big girl! She loved it :)

She had some play time with Gigi while we were there too :) (until her minor meltdown.. and when I say minor... I mean minor. Major came at about 10PM haha!)

We had so much fun watching Uncle Corey and Aunt Marie play ball! We had a little discussion with them before leaving! :)

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