Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project 366: Day 79 [May 5th]

The May Photo Challenge task today was:



Can you see the birdie on the power line? He was gettin' all warm :)

And now for an update on today!

How cute did Tayler look this morning??

She was getting on and off the couch... over and over again LOL Such a monster!! She is just hilarious, let me tell you!!

After awhile, we got ready and we met our friend Kyra at our favorite Mexican restaurant (did anyone else celebrate Cinco de Mayo?) I guess we weren't really meaning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo... it just happened, haha!! Kyra's birthday is Monday.. so we were celebrating that! :) They even brought the sombrero out and sang 'Happy Birthday' to her! :) I think she might have been a little embarrassed ;)

And Tayler REALLY enjoyed being there..

HAHA! She had lots of beans and rice.. and she was out on daddy LOL!! She is just too much sometimes!!

After we got home, we got Natalie, got our bags packed, and headed out the door for Ethan's softball game. We brought the double stroller along so both girls could have fun! :)

They were having so much fun and everyone was seriously eating them up!

Too cute! 

We took the girls to the park... here's Tayler swinging :)

She was having so much fun!

And she played with a stick almost the entire night, haha!

Who knew that could be SO much fun?? :)

We had a great night! We headed home, the girls went to bed, and I honestly don't even remember falling asleep LOL!

Cheers Project 366!

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