Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ultrasound Numeral Deux!

We had another ultrasound today :) I love seeing our little baby and knowing everything is going okay! Does a Momma's heart good as I always say :) 

They said that Bitty Bay #2 is measuring at 8 weeks 1 day which makes my due date

Yup. May 8th! Still might be a Cinco De Mayo baby, but that isn't it's EDD now ;) The baby had a heart rate of 175 which instantly made Ethan excited then like 'Oh my gosh, I bet it's a girl!' LOL You know I told you all earlier that he truly believes that old wive's tale that the higher rates equal girls! :) The ultrasound technician told us not to believe it because she's seen it proven over and over again, but I still have my hope! It's not that I'm desperately seeking a girl... it's just.. it would be WAY easier because I saved ALL of Tayler's clothes! LOL :) We will see in 45 days though! 

My day to switch over to a new week is Wednesday now as opposed to Sundays, so you may not see anything new from me until Wednesday the 3rd-- we shall see! Our next appointment is October 24th-- our 12 week appointment! Almost to the 2nd trimester! Wahoo! :)

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