Sunday, October 7, 2012

9 Weeks with Bitty Bay!

I know, I'm a little late! I'm just getting on the computer for some 'personal use' as opposed to 'business use' hehe! :) 

I am currently 9 weeks, 4 days pregnant today! Crazy huh? I feel like time is going fast, but then at the same time, I feel like it's dragging as well. Maybe I'm just really excited to get out of the first trimester? I start my 12th week in 17 days. Not much longer!

I've been keeping track of my countdowns as of right now :)

17 days until I'm headed in to the 2nd trimester
35 days until we find out what we are having

Crazy to think it's THAT close!

Here's my 9 weeks belly shot.

My husband wasn't home, so I took this one with my cell phone which is why it's a bit blurry, haha! But oh well-- it's the memories right? :)

I don't feel like I'm looking as 'bloated' now. Finally. 

Also, I got a refill on my nausea medicine. It is the only thing allowing me to eat and hold down foods this time around and it is such a miracle worker. I definitely feel it if I forget to take one! 

I've been trying really hard to eat healthy. I'm trying to make a conscious effort. This week, I ate a lot of oatmeal, whole wheat toast, and Subway! Hey-- when I'm craving something NOT at home, I try and do my best to eat something partially healthy as opposed to completely not healthy, haha! :) I've been hooked on the Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki subs. Mmmm! Just talking about it makes me want another one ;)

And now for the weekly questions:

How far along? 9 weeks, 4 days.
Total Weight Gain? I weighed myself at home yesterday and it appears I've lost 2 pounds since the doctor's office. 
Maternity Clothes? Nah! Just a belly band. They say that happens quick with your 2nd one :)
Stretch Marks? As I said last time, I'm not really sure? I had some with Tayler, but I don't see any new ones. I lather my belly in cocoa butter in hopes it will help this time!
Sleep? I'm always tired and sleeping good right now! Of course, I don't have a huge belly or anything, so sleep isn't too uncomfortable right now. It was a little rough this week because we all had terrible colds and Tayler ended up in bed with us a few times, but we made it through with some Vicks and a vaporizer!
Best Moment of This Week: Seeing a growing belly. I think I said that last week, but it's a true story. Just lets me know.. when I can't feel the baby... that he/she is still growing!
Miss Anything? Not really! I'm not  that far in to it probably, haha! :)
Movement?  Nothing I can feel! I'm sure they are boogeying down there though ;)
Food Cravings? Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teryaki Sub and Green Beans with lots of garlic and pepper! 
Anything Make You Queasy/Sick? Certain smells. Like pee.. for some reason.. it just makes me nauseous. Talking about certain things that make me sick. Anything can trigger my nausea in all honesty, haha!
Gender: We don't know yet! 
Labor Signs? No way!
Symptoms: Nausea when I'm not taking my medicine. Peeing constantly through the night.. and EXTREMELY sore boobies! Sorry for the TMI, but youch! 
Belly Button In or Out? She's an innie!
Weddings Rings On Or Off? On for now! :)
Happy or Moody this week? VERY happy! It's been a wonderful week :)
Looking Forward To: Hearing the heartbeat in a few weeks at our 12 week appointment! :)

It's been a wonderful week! I'll be back sometime around Wednesday for our 10 week update, hehe! Finally in the double digits, right? :)

Happy 9 weeks!

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