Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project 366: Day 55 [April 11th]

Morning all of my sweet bloggers out there!

Can you believe it's hump day already? Personally, I think this week is FLYING by! How about you??

I got up today and had determination on my mind:

I wanted to start learning photoshop. I know it is a HUGE program and it will likely take me forever to learn ALL of it, haha, but I wanted to test it out. And I did on an older picture of Tayler. She'd just turned 11 months old here:

What do you all think?

Like I said-- I know I have A LOT to learn, but it was my first try! I felt pretty good about it to be honest! Hopefully I can squeeze more time in the next week to learn more! :)

And then I decided to take a picture of the Photo A Day Challenge for April!

Today's challenge was: Where You Ate Breakfast.

Well, here you go:

Pretty amazing right? haha! Yes, I had a protein shake (like I do EVERY morning.. I love those things!!) and I ate it right here! :) I'm boring, what can I say, haha!

After that, Ethan got home and we loaded Kenton and our Tayler up so she could go get her 1 year shots :( I HATE shot day. It honestly breaks my heart. I'm her Mother. I'm suppose to protect her from pain and here I am... letting them hurt her. But I suppose in the long run, I am protecting her from pain. It was a heartwrenching experience as always. Here we are in the waiting room. She was having a little snack, haha!

Gosh, she's adorable. She loves these cheddar cheese curls that Parent's Choice makes! :) Poor thing didn't know what was coming! :(

After shots, we headed home with two sleepy babies that both fell asleep in the car, so once we got home.. it was definitely quiet in here! I decided to make some strombolis for dinner.

We had meatlovers today. I took pizza sauce and layered it on the bottom, then added rows of pepperonis, cooked sausage, cooked bacon, cheese, and some onions. Closed her all up, made some slits up the top, and popped it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 17 minutes. It was SO good. We dip ours in ranch dressing and pizza sauce! It's an easy dinner that doesn't cost a whole lot of money which is PERFECT. 

Oh.. and guess what came today??

I have a really big bag that holds a tripod and my other two cameras, but I wanted one where I could just take my Nikon with me somewhere. And guess what-- Ethan bought me this one! :) It holds my camera with a lens attached and the other lens.. and my battery charger! It is PERFECT!! :) I love knowing I can just go anywhere with my camera now. I LOVE my big bag because it holds everything I need for sessions, but I do love this small bag too! It's perfect for ball games or just going to the park!! :) 

Ethan and I joked when we got up this morning about how I.. or I guess we.. start our marathon of baby sitting today, haha! I watch a little girl about 2-3 nights a week and I watch a little boy Monday-Friday. Well this week, it just so happens that I watch the little boy 900am to 630pm and I watch the little girl Wednesday night and Thursday night 615pm to 730am. So from Wednesday morning at 900am, I'll have one extra child here pretty consistently until 630pm Friday. I don't mind though. I love watching these babies! It's just funny how it works out like that some weeks ;)

So, there's a period of time in the evening between like 615pm and 645pm where we have all three babies with us! Natalie had just got there, Kenton was all bundled up and ready to go home, and well.. our kid, she just had a diaper on, haha! Shot days are horrible and we wanted her as comfy as possible!! :)

After Kenton left, the girls had their baths and Tayler was extremely cuddly. I think it's from her rough experience today. So, we cuddled and cuddled and cuddled...

And then it was time for American Idol!

Are any of you watching this year?? Who are your favorites?? :)

I thought tonight was great. I appreciate the modern music. I get tired of hearing 'oldies' all of the time. Sorry everyone! I just like the modern stuff because I can sing along.. which my husband might actually hate ;) haha! But I thought tonight was wonderful! 

I will say that I am calling the TOP THREE to be:

Coltin, Jessica, and Skyler.

Those are my three favorites :)

And who do I think is going home tonight??

Well, I think the BOTTOM THREE will be:

Hollie, Elise (even though she did great last night), and Philip Philips.

I know, all of the ladies out there love Philip, but I just think he's getting old. He does the same thing every single week. He stands in the middle of the stage, with a guitar, and sings. That's it. I just think we need to see more from him. Period. And I think that will hurt him!

But, I think HOLLIE will be the one headed home!


Cheers to Project 366!

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Melissa W.

Great post!

I am looking forward to making something like your stromboli tonight for dinner - I made one last week and GT loved it so much when he took his first bite he made an audible grunt/yum noise that I had never heard before so I knew he must have liked it!!

I am SOOOO jelly of your bbsitting gig. I'd love to have all of those babies at my fingertips!!!

p.s. where can I learn more about project 366?