Friday, April 13, 2012

Project 366: Day 56 [April 12th]

Morning fellow bloggers! Hope you're all in good spirits today and anxious for the weekend to get here :)

We'll start off first with the April Photo Challenge!

Today's task was: STAIRS.

And here's the shot that I took:

What stairs did you take a picture of? :)

And while I was taking and editing that photo, I tried out photoshop again with two other pictures I had of our sweetheart. These are only my second and third attempt. I'm still getting the hang of it, but practicing is a lot of fun, especially with such a cute model ;)

She's just gorgeous :)

After that, Tayler, Kenton, Ethan, and myself went for a walk! It was beautiful out today. A nice breeze and gorgeous! Here's the kiddos all bundled up:

And let me just share this. I know I'm going to sound like some paranoid parent, but this really aggravated me and I got a video of it, but I won't share it because of the vulgarity. We were going for a walk and we live near a baseball field owned (I believe) by the city. Well, there were workers over there today cleaning, mowing, etc. and they had music playing through the system there. This is a LOUD system. It is used to announce batters and play music in between innings. We live in a small little neighborhood near it... with LOTS of kids. And guess what music they were playing? 

Music where the 'f' word can clearly be heard just about every other word. And nope, the 'f' word wasn't bleeped out. They were saying it.. over and over again. And there were kids playing at the park near there! How ridiculous is that?! I'm thankful I don't have a child that can repeat things... YET. I was furious. Who does that? Especially in a neighborhood? Ridiculous!

But anyways.. I digress.

We came inside and it was dinner time. We had breakfast today! French toast and hashbrowns with peppers and onions. It was SOOO good :) I was in the 'breakfast' mood, you know? Are you ever like that?? :)

And Ethan brought me a Yoo-Hoo home from work. Sweetie! ;)

After that, it was time to do our switch off, haha! Kenton was heading home and Natalie was coming over. It was so cute when Natalie got there because Kenton sat down beside of her. We tried to get Tayler to sit down next to them so we could get a picture, but it didn't work out so well. Kenton started to get up and so did Tayler... Natalie just looks scared that they are all around her LOL

It's a crazy household some days, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

After that, we all got our baths and it was time for some 'American Idol.' Seriously-- was anyone else in complete shock of the bottom 3?? If you all remember correctly, I predicted Hollie, Philip, and Elise being in the bottom 3 and that's who Jimmy said too! So, I thought it was pretty accurate. But NO.

Jessica, Joshua, and Elise.

And Jessica got voted off (but then got saved!) 

I was in COMPLETE shock. I pegged Jessica to win it. Dude, she can sing like no one's business! I just could not BELIEVE that. 

After AI, we all got ready for bed. Natalie fell asleep and we went into Tayler's room and read some books to her. Her Papaw and Gigi bought her two new books for Easter, so we thought it was the perfect time to read those (in between her face planting on her soft chair. It's something she loves to do LOL)

It was a wonderful day!

Cheers to Project 366! :)

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