Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project 366: Day 53 [April 9th]

What a wonderful Monday! Hope everyone is doing great out there today! :) 

I know, I'm beyond on the blogging, so I am attempting to catch up really quick! 

Today's task was-- A YOUNGER YOU.

And everyone that knew me when I was a baby tells me over and over again that Tayler is a split image of me. So, I figured I'd post a picture of her and I. I didn't take this picture (my sweet husband did!) but it's edited and I think it's a nice picture of my daughter and myself!

She's my best friend.. I'm proud that she's my mini-me!

And I had a little photo session with the little guy that I baby sit through the day and Tayler today and I think this is my favorite picture of our session today:

What do you all think?? :)

After that, Ethan came home and we all got ready to go out to dinner for his birthday! His birthday actually isn't until Tuesday, April 10th, but this is the one night of the week that my mom, dad, and our family had free so we decided to go out! But first...


My mom and dad got Ethan a new tape measure (he has been borrowing my dads forever! haha!) and I got Ethan ALL of the Fast and the Furious movies... including the new one ;) haha! He was really excited! We love you, E!

After that... we went to Garfields for dinner!

We got a yummy appetizer-- potato skins, quesadillas, and mozzarella sticks! And then Ethan got a burger, Tayler and I got chicken tenders, and I'm not really sure what my parents got, haha!

There's the birthday boy with his cake, my husband and myself, and our sweet baby :) 

We had such a wonderful time! I forgot my cell phone and my camera, hahahaha, so my momma let us use her camera! Sweet woman! 

Thanks for everything tonight mom and dad! We love you guys!

We hope all of you had a great day!

Cheers to Project 366!

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Melissa W.

Happy Birthday to Ethan!!

That picture of the little one's w/o their heads (lol) is ADORABLE!!

Isn't it something how pictures really can say 1,000 words??