Friday, October 28, 2011

Project 365: Day 133- October 27th (and Project 52)

Tayler turned 30 weeks old today!! :) It's crazy. I was going through old pictures and saw a picture of my 30 week belly. It's insane how life changes SO much and SO quickly. I will say this-- I did not appreciate my pregnancy as much as I wanted to. I LOVED it but I shouldn't have wished it to go by so fast because now, I miss it. I adore Tayler being here, but man, I miss her kicks and rolls. :) 

Okay. Done with my past for awhile, haha! Here's a picture of our 30 week old:

I originally tried to take the picture with the flash. It didn't go over so well LOL

How about those socks? Look like shoes! Wahoo! :)

And of course, what makes ANY mommies day is SNUGGLE TIME!! :) I LOVE these moments!! 

And snuggly she was!

And so, we hung out all night with Daddy. We watched our TV shows (Person of Interest and Sweet Home Alabama ;)) and then guess what? It was almost 11:00PM and Tayler was still wide awake!!! LOL She's usually asleep by at least 10 or a little after, so this was surprising haha! I mean, she was going full force. 


We had a great day!


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