Monday, October 24, 2011

Project 365: Day 128- October 22nd

Even thought there wasn't a Buckeye game today, Tayler still sported the good stuff, hehe! :)

I love her little leggings, haha!

After that, we went to the grocery store and Tayler got some Strawberry-Apple Puffs. It was her first time trying these, so I went ahead and snapped a picture. Uhhhh, she was less than impressed, honestly, hahaha! :)

She still spits them out. We'll see if she likes them more down the road LOL

Then her and I went on a walk. It was kind of chilly out though, so she sported her OSU hat. It matched perfectly, so of course, it was a must! :)

And well, that walk must have wore Tayler out, cause she cuddled up with Gigi shortly after and took a nice little nap! This has to be one of the cutest pictures ever!

After she woke up, we loaded up the car and went to visit Tayler's Grandma Carol! We surprised her and she surprised us with having hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, hehe! And of course, brownies! Ethan can't let me forget! :) 

Then we drove around and took some pictures for my  One Year Photo Challenge. (Click my label down below to see information on that!) Here are a few that we took Saturday: (A scarecrow, bare trees, a haunted house, and trick or treaters!)

We had such a fun night!


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