Monday, October 24, 2011

Project 365: Day 127- October 21st

Aw, Friday. How we love you around here :)

I spent the first part of the day with Dad and Tayler, then he FINALLY got the call that his truck was fixed. His transmission went out last week and we've been pacing waiting to hear about it since. And he's been driving E's truck so I think all parties were glad to get back to their original vehicles, haha! Prior to leaving, Dad checked the mail and guess what arrived??

THE GLASSES E BOUGHT ME! I broke my black ones that I wore when I gave birth to Tayler (absolutely devastated me :() So, we ordered some regular black and brown ones so I could quit color coordinating my glasses with my outfits LOL Here's a shot of the black ones (the brown ones look just like it!)

I love them! Thanks for buying them for me sweetie!

And this picture... it was taken prior to going to get my dads truck. While driving back to the house in E's truck with Tayler, I thought the brakes were acting "funny." They just seemed a lot "easier" to push than I remembered, but it had been FOREVER since I drove the truck and my dad had just drove it, so I just pushed the thought aside and pressed forward. Well, when I went to park in the driveway, I could barely park the truck. Ethan checked it and here the brake fluid was BONE DRY. He said he had no idea how we even made it home safely. And I know it's because the Lord had His hands on us! Here his brake line had broke and was leaking. It's fixed now, but I just want to thank God for watching out for us even when we do not know that we are in trouble!

Once we got home, we all decided it should be a family movie night. We rented Zookeeper and snuggled. Someone fell asleep though. Lameee. haha!

Like father, like daughter, right?

But they were soon excited because BREAKFAST CASSEROLE was for dinner with warm biscuits and grape jelly. YUMMY!

And I have to share these pictures. Ethan will get behind the couch now and Tayler will "peek" around the corner at him. I LOVE how she leans like that to find him!!!!
Too cute!


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