Sunday, May 22, 2011

24th Anniversary Party

As some of you read on my post the other day, my parent's 24th wedding anniversary was May 19th. So, my brother Corey, his fiancee Marie, Ethan, and myself decided to plan a little surprise anniversary breakfast for them Saturday morning! We had a plan all set... we were nervous, but we were hoping it would all go off without a hitch.

Corey and Marie hit the road about 7AM and we hit the road about 830AM to be at the location to start setting up. I was so excited (mostly for them to see the project Tayler and I had been working on, hahaha!)

We got there, started decorating, and then Ethan, Tayler, and myself went to Bob Evans to sit and wait for my parents. Here was our plan: We told them we wanted to have breakfast with them for their anniversary at Bob Evans at 10AM. Ethan, Tayler, and myself was going to go and sit and watch for them. When we saw them passing the gas station, we were going to text Corey, who was then going to call and tell them that his car broke down up the road (where everyone would be waiting to yell 'Surprise!') Well, everything was going as planned until mom did some kind of ninja maneuver and pulled in beside of us WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE.. SEPARATE FROM MY DAD!) Gah. So, we hurried up and texted Corey who then called my mom and told her that his car was broke down... Well, we knew my mom would then say 'Well, I'll just stay here with Ethan, Alyssa, and Tayler and we'll get a table.." So, we quickly said, "We'll just follow you guys... Tayler loves car rides" hahahaha! They bought it for some reason, we followed them, and they had no idea when they walked through the door that they were walking into their anniversary party!!

Thank you to everyone who helped make it a huge success! We had so much fun! Are you ready for some pictures of it??

Here are the decorations. Marie did such a good job with it :)

And here's where the food was being served:

And here's the sweet couple :) My mommy and daddy!

And our family :) My mom, dad, Corey, Marie, Brad, Ethan, Tayler, and me!! We love you mom and dad!

I love these guys sooo much! 

We had so much fun! We played 'Brian & Gidget Facts" Bingo where you had to answer questions like: When did they get married? Find that on your BINGO card and mark it! We also played "Guess Who Said It" where Marie read off different quotes such as 'Chicken!' and you had to guess who usually says that..... which is my dad... when he's trying to get you to do something you don't want to do! LOL 

Mom and Dad were completely surprised!! It was a beautiful day! We all enjoyed Belgian Waffles, sausages, orange juice, fruit salad, coffee, and orange juice!

We love you mom and dad!!

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