Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project 52: 7 Weeks Old! :)

Tayler is 7 weeks old today!! (May 19th, 2011) and it just so happens that today is also my parent's 24th wedding anniversary! Pretty awesome huh?? Tayler and I spent all day yesterday working on a 'surprise project' for them :) I will show pictures of that later..... well, after my parents see it, haha (It is a surprise, yo!)

So, what is little Miss Tayler doing these days?

She is really starting to establish that personality of hers! What do I mean by that?? She SCREECHES when I stop paying attention to her, haha! She doesn't do it all the time, but if her and I are playing (like peek-a-boo or I'm really carrying on a conversation with her...) and then I look away to do something (such as: get the camera), she screeches until I come back to her, haha!

Prime example:

Yes, she's hilarious, haha!

Tayler LAUGHED for the first time this week. It wasn't when she was awake, so it wasn't because her mommy is absolutely hilarious, haha, but it was still adorable! She was sleeping in my arms, I was reading my Nook, I heard a laugh, looked down, and she was just carrying on in her sleep, haha! It was one of those deep belly laughs. I told God that I wished my eyeballs were camcorders so I could record everything! It's hard when they're little to 'predict' what's to come, haha! But she laughed nonetheless and it was one of the sweetest moments of my life! I can't wait until she does it so I can catch it on camera!! :)

Other than laughing, she is smiling a lot anymore! Here is some proof of that:


She loves her some country music. When she gets fussy in the morning (because she's getting to this stage where she doesn't want to take naps all the time-- it's called nosyness, hahahah) I turn CMT on and she's out in minutes. She's especially a fan of Keith Urban, but honestly, who isn't? ;)

Tayler is also learning to play with things. I don't have videos because she normally does it while I'm driving and I don't think the Officer will take 'Sorry, sir she was doing something really cute in the backseat' as a good excuse after I wreck my vehicle, dang it, haha! :) But she has these 2 hanging toys from her car seat and she's starting to recognize them and she'll hit them with her hands, haha! I heard the 'dinging' of the pink birdie one day, looked back, and there she was smacking it! Made this momma proud!

I used to put her in her swing and she would fuss, fuss, fuss til I took her out, haha! Now, she WANTS that thing every time she naps! The boppy used to be in... but now, buds, it's the swing!

And here's her 7 week picture:

She's 10lbs 14oz, 23" long and the sweetest thing since sliced pie! :)

Being a mommy is the MOST amazing thing I have ever been able to experience in my life. That little girl can make the worst days better just by looking at me with those gorgeous eyes. Yes, the nights can be long... especially when she's a'growin and we're up every 2 hours, haha, but I swear.... if she wasn't here.. and I didn't walk into that bedroom and see her eyes light up when she sees me.. I don't know what I would do! :) I can't wait to experience more things with her. She is getting to be SO much fun. (I know, that sounds cruel huh? LOL But seriously-- before, she just slept, ate, and pooped!) Now, she's interacting. She's smiling. I can "talk" to her... she is hilarious and I LOVE it!

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