Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Update on Ethan and Alyssa!

As all of my blog readers know, I'm now doing a weekly update on Tayler-Bug! :) It's my "Project 52" (check it out up top!) So, I figured I'd update about our 'family life' here and there as well to keep everyone 'in the know.' hehe! :)

So what's going on in our household?

Well, Ethan got a new job! So, we have been working on getting things switched over (such as insurance), doctor's appointments scheduled... it's been rather busy, but we're almost ready! His last day at work is Friday and we couldn't be more excited about this new journey!

Speaking of Ethan, guess what he bought me! It was originally going to be a Kindle, but they didn't have those in stock, so he brought me home the Nook! I know, how sweet is he?! I LOVE it already! I have downloaded about 8 books haha! (Part of me just loves reading what they have to offer!) And I'm 52 pages into my first book-- "Run." I'll let y'all know how it is once I'm finished!

I love being able to just sit down and read without having to bring along a book, a bookmark, flip the pages, hold the page down, etc. As many of you know, that's difficult to do when you have a newborn! I can read while she's feeding because I only need one hand! It's AMAZING :) I'm so thankful for it!!!

Also, I had my first Scentsy party Saturday! Thanks to everyone that came out and a HUGE thank you to everyone that has ordered thus far! Here was my set-up:

If you have any questions or if you'd like to order something, check out my Scentsy page!

We are currently planning our wedding reception! :) We got married December 28th, 2010, but we didn't have a real wedding or a wedding reception. We got married at the courthouse on a whim! :) So, now that we have had Tayler and everything, we are having a huge reception in the summer! I can hardly wait!

I think that's all of the important stuff right now! I'll keep you posted if anything else comes along, haha!

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