Saturday, May 14, 2011

Newborn-6 Weeks (March 31st-May12th)

Here's a newborn snap shot of our sweet Tayler. This is the day we brought her home from the hospital. (April 3rd, 2011) She was 5lbs 12oz and 20" long. And yes, she was already trying to lift her head at the hospital, haha! Ornery girl! She had already, of course, had her first icky poopy diaper and her first pee-pee.  Everyone said she looked like a baby doll here! I agree! I remember being a nervous wreck.... they sent me home from the hospital with no instruction manual. Scary! :)

Tayler was 1 week old in this picture. (April 7th, 2011) We were cuddled up in bed for a night of relaxation while daddy was at work :) Tayler was a little over 6lbs and still 20" long. We were still waking up quite a few times in the middle of the night which is why she was still sleeping in her bassinet by the bed.  She smiled while sleeping her first week, she had her first bath her first week (April 8th), and of course, she had her first cry! If you don't feed that girl IMMEDIATELY, she gets quite upset, haha!!

Tayler was 2 weeks old in this picture. (April 14th, 2011) She had a well-baby check-up this week and we were told she was 6lbs 13oz and a little over 20" long. Her pediatrician was so proud that she had put on 1lb and 1oz since she came home from the hospital-- and of course, I was proud!! :) She went through her doctor's appointment like a champ... except for getting her weight checked. That scale was freezing, haha! She started doing her first tummy time... and hated it haha! And Gigi stayed with us this week! YAY :)

Tayler was 3 weeks old in this picture. (April 21st, 2011) She had newborn pictures done by Jessica Barber Photography and was wiggling all around, haha! She isn't a fan of having to sit still for pictures, haha!  We went on our first grocery trip this week :) She loved it.. but of course, she had to eat through it haha! I had my first day as MOMMY this week too! Since she was born, I had been with someone (either Ethan or my mom) every single day... and this week marked being alone with her every day.. and guess what? We survived it! We got into a routine and it was wonderful! We had a good time on the porch swing (her first time)... Also, Tayler started her fussy period this week. She became a fussy baby from about 6:30PM to 9:30PM. It was rough at first.. I remember just crying and crying... But other than that, Tayler is an amazing baby, hehe! She started sleeping in her crib by herself this week and she had her first holiday--- EASTER! :)

Tayler was 4 weeks/1 month old (April 28th-May 1st) in these pictures!  Struggles-- She is still fussy at night time. I refuse to claim Colic. I keep pleading the blood of Jesus over her. I know that if God can heal her of cysts when I was 18-27 weeks pregnant with her, He can take care of this fussiness. It starts at about 6:30PM and lasts until about 9:30/10:00PM. She just screams and cries... constantly. The only thing that seems to soothe her (sometimes...) are car rides, holding her and walking around the house, or eating. (Which obviously we can't feed her every time she cries...) It's been trying, I'm not going to lie. It honestly just breaks my heart because I feel helpless :( It tears me up inside to see her crying and not be able to fix it for her. I try everything... the swing, a car ride, noise, play mat, her binkie... and these rarely help. Sometimes we get lucky, but most of the time, we just have to suffer through those 3-4 hours at night time. Please just pray for us and pray for her. We refuse to claim Colic. Triumphs-- Besides those 3-4 hours at night, things have been wonderful with her! :) We had a wonderful milestone last night (and yesterday..) First of all, she napped in her crib yesterday (and put herself to sleep might I add!) for 2.5 hours... then, we put her down at 10:30PM to go to sleep in there and she slept until 3:30AM by herself in her big girl crib. I was such a proud momma (and a thankful momma! She let me sleep for 5 hours CONSECUTIVELY :))

Tayler was 5 weeks old in this picture! (May 5th) :) She was about 9 pounds in this picture. Yes, she's gained that much weight since she was born, haha! She went to her first ball game and we actually stayed during the whole thing... she'd been to Steak and Shake.. Tla Que PaQue.. Oh yes, we are quite adventurous! :) I couldn't believe she was 5 weeks old this week and growing like a weed. We measured her and she was about 22" long here as well! Crazy how she is growing!! She's up to 4ounces in her feedings and is sleeping like a complete champ at night... still in her own crib :) She's starting to make noises (finding her voice) and starting to grab things (like the things that hang from her car seat!)

Tayler is 6 weeks old in this picture! (May 12th, 2011) Oh my gosh, doesn't she look so much bigger? She's 10lbs 14oz here and just about 23" long! I think her pediatrician is going to freak when he sees her in 2 more weeks, haha! What is this 6 week old doing? She recognizes voices pretty well now... she's starting to watch things (i.e the TV) and follow things too! She also ROLLED OVER! Yes, she did-- from her belly to her back. She still hates tummy time, but I think it's working :) She is sleeping for about 6 hours at night time too which this mommy can't complain about :) Also, tears are forming when she cries now! She is growing up entirely too fast. She's wearing 0-3 month sleepers now because NB just won't fit :(

Stay tuned for weekly updates every Friday :)

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