Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Pre-Baby Parenting Theories... And Now... (Project 52- 8 weeks)

When I first got pregnant, I had 'amazing' theories on how I wanted to raise my child... and while I still have an amazing child, I have cut down on my theories :)

When I first got pregnant, I was DEAD SET on quite a few things:

1. She was NOT co-sleeping whatsoever. She was napping in her crib/bassinet. She was sleeping in her crib/bassinet. There was no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I refused to have a 3 year old that still slept in my bed (no offense if there are those of you out there that do this-- this was my take on parenting.. there is nothing wrong with this if it's what you desire, so please don't take me the wrong way here...)

2. I was breastfeeding for as long as I could. Simple as that! My daughter was getting the nutrients she needed and people that formula fed were selfish. (Once again, this was my RIDICULOUS theory on parenting.. I had no children.. this is simply what I THOUGHT.. read on before you send me a comment/message please, haha!)

3. No binkies. I wasn't going to be fretting about breaking my daughter of this habit when she was 1-year old. No way Jose! 

4. We weren't going to 'sit and watch TV.' EVER. (I know, she's 8 weeks old, but here me out! LOL)
5. She was crying it out at night time. Period. I wasn't going to go get her every time she whimpered. You kidding? She was going to suck it up, haha!

So, those are a few of the 'theories' I had going into parenting.

Now-- I have an 8 week old. And first let me fill you in on this little lady this week.

Tayler turned 8 weeks old on May 26th, 2011. Here's a picture of her:

She is now 12 pounds and is 23.5 inches long. My wittle chunker :) She is very close to doubling her birth weight! Go Tay, Go!

I finally got a video of Tayler rolling over this week! She rolled over 2 weeks ago (if you remember me posting about that!)... I've been trying to catch her since then, but it seemed like every time I got the camera out, she got lazy on me and gave up, haha!! So the other night I pulled the camera out when I thought she JUST MIGHT and sure enough... she did! Here's my little roller :

And oh my word---- she is SMILING!! Holy cow, she is! And screeeeching from laughteer :)

She also had her first trip to one of our favorite local restaurants :) the waitresses were eating her up ;) (not literally folks, haha)

She's attempting to mimic our words. It's so cute! She gets that tongue a goin' and watches our mouth. It's amazing to me how quickly babies learn and catch on to things!! :)

She is such a blessing and I fall further in love with her every single day! :)

Now.. onto those theories, right?

1. I was NOT co-sleeping and well guess what? I do and have! I have heard over and over again the 'effects' this has on children. I've been told it's unsafe, etc. We do not co-sleep all night long, but if she struggles with going to sleep in her crib, she snoozes with momma til she wakes up for her next feeding, THEN I put her in her crib (and then she typically sleeps on her own in there!) Naptime... she's cuddled up with me A LOT :) Sometimes her swing takes over when I have things to do, but you best believe-- she snoozes with her momma if she has to :)

2. I breastfed for as long as I could mentally and physically. I have chosen to no longer do this. I may have people that think it's ridiculous. I may have people who understand. I may have people who think I'm selfish-- but let me tell you, I have seen the view from BOTH sides and I will no longer criticize and critique those who do not choose to go this route. It is tough. It is physically demanding. I found myself just absolutely drained.. and I just didn't feel like a good mommy anymore. I was struggling with having to handle the feedings all by myself and I felt as though my milk just wasn't sticking with her. I was waking up every 1.5 hours with her to feed... and it was taking her at least 45 minutes to an hour to get enough to go to sleep. It seemed like a full, satisfied belly was non-existent, so now-- it's Similac Advanced and she loves it! She doesn't spit up. She only wakes up 1-2 times a night to feed. We are doing wonderful and I'm so glad that I made this decision. 

3. She takes her binky. I didn't want nipple confusion while breast-feeding, but the nurses assured me that as long as she latched on and was doing great, we were good to go! She loves her binkie. It soothes her when she needs that soothing at night time before bed. Yes, we MIGHT struggle with weaning her off of it in time, but who knows? Only time will tell.

4. We watch the Game Show Network. Oh, don't look at me like that, haha! I'm an addict. And yes, Tayler watches Family Feud and does a marvelous job! I even turn on Baby Einstein :) She watches... loves the colors.. loves the interaction. We will continue doing this. Not 24/7 obviously, but we will... we love that time!

5. She doesn't cry it out. Breaks my heart. Now, I don't go in during EVERY whimper, but I do go in and check on her, soothe her, etc. when she cries. I feel like I'm abandoning her when she cries.. and cries.. and cries. Once she gets settled down, we're good to go. I just think it's my job-- I'm mommy... I'm here to rescue her :)

So, there you have it. A few of the theories I had before delivering Tayler... and 8 weeks later, how those theories are holding up. Do I think I'm a bad parent for changing my pre-conceived ideas/beliefs? Absolutely not. You learn when you become a parent. You have hopes... you have things you want to aim for.. you have all of these ideas and dreams of how they are going to go... and then, you have your sweet, precious baby and you begin finding what works for YOU.

I'm sorry for ever having thought badly about women who chose to follow ANY of the things I've talked about. How shameful of me. Yes, something might work GREAT for one woman, but it will be different for the next.... just like a pregnancy.. just like a delivery. 

Did you have 'theories' before having a baby? Did they change? Did they stay the same?

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