Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tayler's First Memorial Day :)

My husband had to work a late shift Sunday night, so Tayler and I decided to spend the night with Papaw and Gigi :) No, I'm not a wuss, haha, I just thought it'd be the perfect opportunity for Papaw and Gigi to spend LOTS of time with Tayler-- especially with not having to get up for work the next day! :) We packed up the car (and when I say PACKED I mean PACKED!) Ethan kept going on and on about how she didn't need that much stuff, haha! I said-- she's a newborn.. this is ALL essential: bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, desitin, couple change of clothes, sleeper, blanket, bibs, hair bow, lotion, sun tan lotion... you get the point, right? ;)

So, we spent the night there and had so much fun! We went out and had fun on the porch swing... saw some neighbors.. enjoyed our time! And then Monday morning, we got up and got things together for a Memorial Day picnic!! This is what Tayler looked like for Memorial Day (accompanied with a smile of course!)

We went to the gym and saw Papaw (well, he showed her off, haha!), we went to a yard sale and got tons of new clothes (thanks Hope!), and then we went to the picnic!

It was our FIRST MEMORIAL DAY as a family:

Tayler posed for a picture with her Gigi:

But it was SOOOO hot out!! She was beat and didn't feel good :(

Isn't she such a cute sleeper??

So we packed her up and headed home!

Thanks to everyone who has fought for this nation and continues to fight for this great nation. This amazing holiday is dedicated to you <3

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