Friday, September 30, 2011

Project 365: Day 105- September 29th (and Project 52)

Tayler turned 26 weeks old today :) As you know, as a part of Project 52, I take a picture of her every single week :) So, here's Tay's 26 week snapshot:

Isn't she just a'growin?? :) You can click on PROJECT 52 on the right and you can see what she looked like as a newborn and how she has grown through the weeks.

After we got up and moving, we got ready and headed back to where we used to live to pick up some things and we hung out with Matt, Carrie, Kelly, Jaylee, and Gabi. Here's Tayler and Jaylee having fun:

I told the girls, so many pictures have been taken of them on that rug, haha!

Then Gabi came to hang out with them. She's 11 months old, so she's got the crawling thing nailed. The girls just watched and dreamed, haha! Bless their hearts.. we're almost there ladies!
 We had such a good time :) 

Once we came home, we enjoyed some Mexican, then E, Tayler, and I went up to the school and played some basketball and guess what? I beat E in PIG. Yes, I did, haha! I've never done that before.. and I beat him with a behind the backboard shot. What what? haha! He wasn't thrilled.

But he still took my picture....


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