Friday, September 30, 2011

Project 365: Day 103- September 27th

If you haven't noticed by all of the pictures I take outside on the porch swing, that is Tayler and I's favorite place to be. It's getting cooler out now and it is just PERFECT. We cuddle up with some blankets and long sleeved shirts and we sit out there and sing and talk :) It's special moments that I wouldn't give anything in the world for. 

Love that little girl right there :)
We spent a lot of time together today. When it was time for Daddy to get off of work, we went and picked him up and headed to an all you can eat ribs place. As you remember, E's best friend is home for a few weeks, so we decided to meet him and his family there :) I didn't get a lot of pictures because well, I was busy scarfing down food, haha.. but I took a couple of terrible pictures to remember the night LOL 

Once we got there, however, we found out they were out of ribs LOL  E had been looking forward to this foreverrrrrr haha! But he settled on all you can eat chicken instead ;)


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