Saturday, January 29, 2011

Project 365: Day 424- January 28th

Once again (I know I sound like a broken record haha) my day consisted of homework! :) But guess what? I have 2 assignments left and I'm done with my current class! WHOOHOOO! Then I move on to my last class and everything is completed! I think I could have everything done by next Friday... that's my hope! We shall see. I'm on page 11/15.... not too shabby! :)

And while working on that, I of course had TV shows on. Would you expect anything else? haha! :) Today wasn't "Desperate Housewives" however.. no.. I got our Netflix DVDs and soooo, it was a "Ghost Whisperer" kind of day! :) I'm moving through season 2... and almost done with that! Whohooo! I love being able to watch this series all the way through. I've seen tons of episodes, just not in order, so I'm putting a few puzzle pieces together that I've never understood :)

Once Ethan got home, we had hamburger helper and some mashed potatoes. Mmm! And then we had a few friends come over. Ethan and TJ went to get their iron on (as they call it) hahaha so Laken and I stayed back at the house with bowls of popcorn.....

and watching "The Grudge!"

I don't even know why I do that to myself, haha! I wouldn't even get up and go potty alone, darn it! No more scary movies, Alyssa, haha!!

Cheers to Project 365!