Saturday, August 6, 2011

Project 365: Day 50- August 5th

We went to look at a house today...... and dear Lord. It was cheap... we should have expected the condition it was in, but honestly-- I was still completely shocked! We looked at the walls and they had an orange tint on some of them (kind of like a rust look?).... it was on all of the walls.... even the middle floor which could only mean one thing--- it was in the walls! The basement had black mold... it was insane. So, the realtor had a contractor come in to look at it------ the chimney leaks. And it was leaking through the walls, the ceilings, and the floors. Holy crap! Even though the outside was GORGEOUS, the garage was huge, and there was a patio-- we said NADA. We can't afford for anything to be wrong with the house. We are looking for something to start our family in and it has to, has to, has to be safe for Tayler. I would post pictures of the house we looked at but for the privacy of the people who owned it prior to us, I'll just leave it to those descriptions. Just please continue to pray for us that God will lead us in the right direction as far as a house goes. We have the money, now it's just finding the one we want. We truly do not want to settle. We just want to have the RIGHT place. 

You know, it's amazing what having a baby does to your whole life. Now looking at a place, our main concern is safety and the school district. I know our sweetheart is only a little over 4 months old now, but we want the house we get to be our home. We don't want to be moving Tayler around all the time. We want stability... and a good school district. So, sadly, we overlook a lot of homes that we find because of that reason. Yes, I could drive her to another school, but there are only 2 districts we WANT her in.. and it'd be a hefty drive to each of those if we purchased any of the houses we were looking at. I just don't know... we are torn. And just need a lot of prayers!

After the tour of that house, we went to Tay's 4 month well baby check up. Here's Tayler and Daddy hanging out waiting for the doctor to come in:

Yes, that's our big girl! And when I say big-- I mean big, haha! She is 26.5" long (90th percentile) and 16lbs 11oz (95th percentile)... pretty much Tayler is bigger than any kid her age. Go figure! It'd be our kid, haha! :) But the doctor said she is VERY healthy and gave us the go-ahead for veggies, fruits, apple juice, and water :) I can't believe we're already at this stage in our lives. I thought for sure we'd be having bottles for a couple more months, but nope! Things go a lot faster than expected! Right now-- she's eating lunch and dinner baby food, then bottles in between. She LOVES it :) We got vitamins for her too since she's not getting formula as often. I'm so excited to see her keep growing! That baby is my pride and joy!

After that, we came home. We had the house to ourselves since my parents went to the Journey/Night Ranger/Foreigner concert :) So, I got started cleaning... and once I got done, I went to check on my babies and this is what I found:


Those are my sweeties! They were out like a light, haha! The day must have worn them out. I even got a close up of Tayler. She looked too darn cute not to!

Gah, she's gorgeous. And she only needs that darn binkie to fall asleep. Then, she pops it out, haha!

Once those sleepyheads woke up-- we watched 'The Blindside.' Ethan hadn't seen it yet and LOVED it. I think Tayler did too ;)

And she was still poppin' after the movie, crazy kid! So, we put her in her jumper...

And we played some music! Mommy busted out the keyboard and daddy busted out the guitar. For some reason, she was more amused with the guitar.. or maybe it was Daddy? haha! Either way, she was singing along :)

By the end of the night, she was super cranky because she was so tired. We've been struggling with getting her to sleep in her crib ever since we moved in with my parents. She was so used to her old bedroom, this was difficult for her. So, we brought up the co-sleeper and stuck in the crib, laid her in that, and guess what?

She slept from 11:30PM to 6:00AM. 

YAY BIG GIRL. Mommy and Daddy got SO much sleep, it was wonderful! 


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