Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just a Catch Up!

Yes, it does feel like I have fallen off the face of the earth, haha! I don't know why I feel so behind in every area of my life! I haven't baby sat all week (well, until today), but I seriously am SO behind. I have yet to make the grocery list (making a mental note as we speak) and I have not cleaned the house this week! TOMORROW IT IS. :) So, what's new in our neck of the woods??
Well, would you believe that Tayler is 43 weeks old today? Yes... 9 weeks until her first birthday party... which has been taking a lot of my 'mental' time! It's all I have been thinking about. Well, that and having another baby... but we'll leave that for another blog, haha! The theme is going to be 'Yo Gabba Gabba' and I think it's going to be just adorable! I am so excited! 
Speaking of today... it's my mom's birthday! So if all of my lovely readers out there could wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY that would be incredible. She keeps telling everyone she's '29' so we'll just go with that (even though I'm almost 25..... oops, sorry Mom!)

We are getting CENTRAL AIR! They are coming to install everything tomorrow. That's what it's called right? Install? Regardless... I couldn't be more excited! I wasn't looking forward to having to go out and buy new air conditioners. Plus, it's our first summer in a new house, so we don't even know how warm/cool it will get! Guess we'll see now.. and be prepared! YAY!

I'm still watching all of the usual TV shows, just haven't really blogged about them. American Idol is back on and you best believe I'll have full blown blogs about that once it really gets started! I'm loving all of the auditions though. I swear, that's my favorite part!

I think that about covers everything on our end. How about y'all? What's keeping you busy here lately? :)