Friday, January 13, 2012

Stirfry-Laya? :)

I did something different tonight for dinner. (It's 4:22PM and I'm already talking about eating dinner? *sigh*) When your husband wakes up at 4:45AM.. dinner comes early... FOR EVERYONE, considering breakfast for him comes at 5:30AM and lunch at about 11AM. He's definitely ready for some food around 4 or so! So, I typically have it ready for him as soon as he walks through the door. I know... WGW. (World's Greatest Wife? ;))

We like spicy foods. I'll tell you that. We have something spicy almost every single night. It's just who we are... so, I decided to spice things up tonight.

I made Stirfry-laya. (It definitely has a ring to it, eh?)

What is that you might be wondering?

Well, allow me to explain... okay, actually, it really isn't that complicated, haha. I didn't make much from scratch so these directions will be rather simple!

First, cut yourself up a green pepper and an onion. We like a lot of onion in ours and less green pepper. So, that's why the onions seem to be a bit overpowering (and they were.. I lost all of my mascara through the darn process!)

And after that, I cut up two pieces of steak and cooked them. Depending on how many people you are serving, you can change that to whatever you'd like! 2 just seems to be 'just right' for the two of us. The picture is a bad shot, so sorry about that! Make sure that you cut the steak when it's semi-thawed. If you wait too late and it's super soft, it's a lot harder to cut and you don't get the nice cubes (hence my photo ;))

I cooked it in soy sauce, a little bit of oil, some garlic powder, and pepper. After it was cooked, I threw in the green peppers and onions... and of course, added some more soy sauce, garlic powder, and pepper.

I let that simmer on '2' for about 20 minutes or so and just kept stirring. I wanted to get the onions and green peppers super soft, plus, I wanted them to absorb that yummy juice!

While that was cooking, I took a box of Jambalaya Mix and made it just like the box told me to. I told you, this wasn't an in-depth thing. I'm not a great mastermind in the kitchen. I just do what things tell me to do, haha :)

All you do is get 2 1/2 cups of water and boil that. Then dump in the mix. I didn't add any meat to it, obviously, since I was putting the steak and green peppers over it! Bring it back up to a boil, lower the heat, cover, and simmer for about 25 minutes. 25 minutes always seems to be just the right amount of time for it to really soften up. Just brace yourself because it smells AMAZING.

Then, I put a large spoon full of rice on my plate and throw the steak and peppers on top! It was DELICIOUS. Might be a bit of an add combination, but it was perfect for what we were craving! Y'all out there might be thinking 'Dude, that sounds gross...,' I'm not sure, haha, but I promise you it is worth the try. It's cheap too! I bought the round steak for $3.25 at Walmart, the green pepper and onion were a little over $1.00, and I bought the rice mix for $1.00. $5.25 for two people's dinner sounds GREAT to me :)

Happy cooking!

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