Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekly Meals!

I'm on a blogging roll today, haha. Motivation has struck me in many areas of my life. Finally! 

I think I'm going to start posting our weekly menu on here for you all to see and find the recipes! I'm constantly talking about cooking, but I have a terrible habit of actually posting what I'm making along with the recipes and if you're anything like me... you are CONSTANTLY looking for new stuff to try with your family! My portions will be a little smaller for some of you with large families since there's really just the two of us eating dinners right now, but you'll know to adjust I am sure! :) 

I would like to do this the week AFTER I make items so you know what we had for dinner each day and that way I can post a recipe and a review of the meal. What do you think? But I'll fill you in on what we're having for dinner this week and I'll just come back next Friday and fill in the blanks!

Monday 1/30: Baked Spaghetti and Salads
Tuesday 1/31: Chicken Quesadillas and Mexican Rice
Wednesday 2/1: Rice Bowls
Thursday 2/2: Flavored Yogurt Pancakes
Friday 2/3: Leftovers
Saturday 2/4: Eat out

Hopefully you'll join me in sharing your weekly meals and we can make this something exciting! :) Go ahead and list your link so we can share!