Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 366: Day 72 [April 28th]

Morning bloggers! :)

I figured I'd kick off this morning with the April Photo Challenge! 

Today's task...

was.... '1Pm.'

Guess what I was doing at 1PM today?

Making fudge for the first time, haha! I'll be honest, it wasn't my best work, but hey-- it was my first time! :) It didn't set up properly.. that was my issue, but I may perfect it down the road! :)

It was still tasty even though we had to scoop it up with a spoon LOL :)

And Ethan decided to make lunch today. Well, while he was making lunch, I was keeping an eye on Tayler. She came over to the chairs that we use to block her from going in to the kitchen/dining room and that little booger figured things out. She pushed the chairs to get through, haha! I don't know why we thought she would never figure that out... but we were proven wrong today, haha!

Ornery, ornery, ornery!

But Ethan made dinner today. He made homemade baked chicken fingers, homemade onion rings, and homemade potato skins with sour cream, bacon, and cheese! :) I will say that it tasted amazing! I could have ate an entire serving of the onion rings if we had them! I dipped them in mustard and it tasted AMAZING!!

Thanks for lunch, E! It was nice to not have to worry about cooking today hehe! :)

After lunch, we went to some antique stores (and of course a pawn shop for Ethan haha!) My mom met us there too. She hadn't seen Tayler in awhile, so she wanted to visit! :) While we were there, Ethan pointed out this painting that was there and we thought... 'Hey! That would look perfect in our house!!'

Isn't that just beautiful? :)

I can't wait to hang it up!

And we got some props for our photo sessions! This is one of them (Tayler decided to be my model for a minute, haha!)

Isn't that cute? :) I LOVE it and I cannot wait to use it!!!

And while we were there, my mom laughed because Tayler was completely occupied by the bowling balls there haha! She sat there and played with them the entire time we walked around the store! All she was doing was pushing them and they'd roll back a little bit, haha! She is too cute! :)

She is too cute for words!

Once we got home, Ethan headed to his softball game, but it was entirely tooooo cold and wet for Tayler and I to go, so we hung out at home! :) Once Ethan got home, we got Tayler dressed in her peejays and we went to see our friends Matt and Carrie's new house. Here's Tayler before we headed out the door. I LOVE those peejays that TJ and Lakin got her!

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Cheers to Project 366! :)

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