Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nursery Ideas

When I was this far along with Tayler, we had her nursery finished except for the big things... like her crib and changing table. Her walls were decorated, her name was above where the crib would be...

and with Sawyer, her room is still packed full of our things, haha! We are so behind. Okay, okay... we aren't behind. I have 119-140 days until she gets here.. but I'm behind as far as where I'd like to be right now goes! We haven't even bought paint! haha! :)

I think I'm just kind of subconsciously waiting until Christmas is over. Tayler is getting a toddler bed and we are re-doing her entire room. She's had the same theme since she was born-- black, white, and hot pink polka dots on a white wall. It's a gorgeous theme, but I really want to get something in her room that she's extremely interested in. So, guess what that is?



We bought her a toddler bed, Yo Gabba Gabba bedding, Yo Gabba Gabba stick-ons for her wall, a giant hot pink T with colored polka dots for her wall, and her Gigi is making her hot pink curtains with polka dots! :) I think it's going to be adorable.

And after we get all of that done. Then it's time for Sawyer's room! Here's what I'm thinking:

We already have the black and white polka dot ruffle skirt and we are just going to use Tayler's crib for her room. All that I really need to do is PAINT! Don't you just love the look??? I do! I cannot wait to get started! Of course, I will share lots of pictures after we get everything done. At least her clothes are hanging up in there, right? ;)

So there you have my idea! We'll see if Pinterest can help us pull this off, haha!

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