Monday, May 12, 2014

Alphabet Weeks--- LETTER 'A'!

I saw a post on Pinterest for daycare students that was called 'LETTER OF THE WEEK'
and it got me thinking... that would be awesome to do with my girls this Summer! Tayler LOVES the alphabet and this would be a great opportunity to start teaching Quinn as well :)

I've been doing a lot of research (since I'm doing this at the last minute, I'm struggling!) about 'A' activities that we can do this week and I think I'm ready! :)

MONDAY- Trace the letter 'A.' This will be directed towards Tayler a little more than Quinn, but I think it will still be fun :) Tayler can recognize the letter 'A' but she doesn't know how to write it as of right now! This will be a great activity for today :)

TUESDAY- Sing (and try to learn) the Letter A Rhyme Song!

Way up high in the apple tree (stretch both arms above your head, hands open)
Two little apples smiled at me (keep arms above head, close hands into fists)
I shook that tree as hard as I could (keep arms above head, "shake" tree)
Down came the apples (bring fists down toward stomach)
Mmmm, they were good! (rub stomach)

WEDNESDAY- Make ANIMAL noises! Tayler and Quinn have 14 animals that they play with in their zoo that their Pappy and Gigi purchased for them. Today, we are going to practice saying their sounds! This should be a fun activity-- I think Tayler is going to find it hilarious! We will be learning the noises of: a tiger, a lion, a polar bear, an elephant, a camel, a gorilla, a flamingo, a chimpanzee, a whale, an alligator, a seal, a doggie, a duck, and a penguin. You can play some animal noises HERE.

THURSDAY- It's 'Alphabet Sidewalk Chalk Day.' We are going to go outside on our patio and write the letter A with sidewalk chalk! Perfect way to get outside.. and for the girls to learn how to write it. We might throw in some naming the colors while we are at it since we have different colored chalk :) 

FRIDAY- 'All About AUTUMN.' I know, I know... it's almost Summer, but why not take a second to learn about Autumn/Fall! We are going to watch an Autumn/Halloween cartoon, and color AUTUMN trees :) Gorgeous trees with red, orange, and yellow leaves! I'm a huge lover of all things Autumn, so I think this will be a great, fun day for everyone!

And that sums up 'A-WEEK!' If you want to join me, you are more than welcome to! I plan on taking pictures each day of the girls and me doing our Alphabet Activities! I am SO excited to start this! It should make Summer very enjoyable-- not to mention, this is going to continue for 26 weeks (starting today..) I only have 24 weeks til I'm due with this baby! It's the perfect 'count down' til Nate is here!

I hope you enjoy me on this ADVENTURE! :)

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