Monday, January 31, 2011

Project 365: Day 426- January 30th

I woke up this morning, grabbed some breakfast, and started working on the group presentation that was due for class today! First off, let me be the first to say how much I do not like group presentations LOL never really have... It just puts more stress on you. I know, I know.. some of you are probably thinking, "A group presentation? You get to SHARE work!" but that's not the case. I mean, yes, we share work, but getting together (especially online) is tough. And relying on others is even more difficult. But, we have group work for this class and I volunteered to do the PowerPoint presentation. Here's what the title page looked like:

And while working on this project (and while Ethan was away working out..) I watched "Desperate Housewives" season 2. Oh, now did you expect anything else, haha!

After I got done with the project, I washed and hung up all of Tayler's new clothes that my dad's cousin's wife gave us. There were some adorable outfits in there and the clothing ranges from 0-3 months to 2T. Crazy huh? Of course, I hung them all up yesterday, but I'll have to make room if she gets anymore at the baby shower, haha! :)

And well, since I was on this Susie-Homemaker kick, I thought... might as well clean the house! So, I did 2 more loads of laundry, washed the dishes, cleaned the rooms, straightened up, changed out the sugar cookie scentsy I had in our scentsy warmers to Perfectly Pomegranate :)

And I hung up the curtains my parents got us for Christmas in our kitchen. Ethan kept saying how home-y our house looked, haha! :) I love it!

The rest of the night, we cuddled up and watched the Pro-Bowl :)

Cheers to Project 365!