Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project 365: Day 469- March 14th

Remember Sunday how we were boiling pots and pots of water to take a bath? Well bless the good Lord above, we got a new hot water tank yesterday!! Our landlords came over about 11:00AM and did their work :) They even fixed our back door (which hasn't opened since we moved in here, haha!) And YES YES YES, we finally have hot water! I even got to take a shower last night... first REAL shower (not a luke warm bath or boiling water bath) since last Wednesday, haha! :) It was wonderful!!

While they were working on the hot water tank, I had a doctor's appointment. We are seeing the doctor every week now... YES WE ARE GETTING THAT CLOSE!! :) Due date is 24 days away from today (March 14th, 2011).. My sweet husband works about 1.5 hours away from us, so he never gets to go to our doctor's appointments. I am thankful for the ultrasounds and 1 appointment he has been able to make it to, but I know how much is heart hurts when he can't hear her heartbeat every time like I get the sweet privilege of doing :) So, this time... we vided-recorded her heartbeat for him! (Plus, I wanted a video of it for her DVD I am making once she's born :)) And I decided to share it with all of you today as well!
And they scheduled our next doctor's appointment for next week-- I'll be 37 ALMOST 38 weeks :)

When I got home from my doctor's appointment, there was a package on our doorsteps. Once again, it was addressed to "Tayler" hehe! I just love seeing that! And it was my sweet friend Jacki! She bought Tayler a toy and some clothes. Here are some pictures of her presents:

(This attaches to her car seat or stroller for her to play with!)
And here are her summer outfits! Mommy LOVES them, hehe!



And how cute is the little booty of this outfit?? GAH! Soooo adorable, haha!!

Thank you again, Jacki! :) We appreciate it soooo much!

After opening the package, we went out of town to get Ethan's truck, came home and grabbed some dinner, then we snuggled up and watched "Pretty Little Liars." Yes, my husband is just as addicted as I am, haha! First of all-- I think Caleb is sincere about his apology. Second of all--- I love Toby and Spencer together. Third-- Ezra and Aria are screwed. How much you want to bet Garrett blackmails? Fourth-- Ian and Melissa are hiding something huge considering they were busted about their Hilton Head lie! Guess we'll see what happens in the Season Finale next week!

Cheers to Project 365!