Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tons O' Topics Day 8

Day 8: How do you stay entertained when you're snowed in?

We had plenty of 'snowed in' moments this year.. especially because I was nice and big and pregnant during the winter, haha! It was just scary to venture out if it was too bad... didn't want to risk falling, so we (or should I say 'I') spent a lot of time indoors :)
What did I do while inside?
Cleaned. Watched Netflix (thank God for that!), hung out with Ethan, invited friends over, ate, organized Tayler's things, did some A LOT of online shopping, played games.... just did anything and everything to keep myself occupied. Oh, and I slept. Slept a lot, haha! HEY-- I'm pregnant ;) I'm allowed, hehe!!