Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tayler's First Swim

Tayler had her first dip in the pool on Monday, June 6th, 2011 :) SHE LOVED IT.

I was kind of annoyed when we first went there because there was a mother there that knew thought she knew it all, haha! She claimed she was a mother of 6... and that it was entirely too cold to have a newborn there. (First of all-- Tayler is almost 10 weeks old. She wasn't JUST born. She can almost hold her head up completely by herself. She can sit down while I'm holding her. Second of all-- it was 86 degrees. Pretty sure that qualifies for HOT.) So, we walk over to the pool (which was 9" deep) and I said, "Well, it's her first time in the pool. We're really excited." So, the lady proceeded to discuss the fact that they would need ear plugs because our 'newborn' was going to scream once we put her in...... 

That stuff drives me crazy! All babies are different. Just because one person's child doesn't enjoy the pool or cooler water, doesn't mean my child will be the same. So, E told me to just put her in the pool. I sat down and he handed her to me and I slowly dipped her feet in...

And she LOVED it :) It made this momma's heart feel amazing that she didn't even wimper! She is such a good baby and she enjoyed the water sooo much! She was kicking and everything, haha! We will definitely be pool rats this year, that's a for sure thing!

And let me just tell you, haha... 20 minutes in the kiddie pool wore her out! She was asleep before we even got to the other side of the pool, haha!

We had sooo much fun! I can't wait to take her back! :)

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aww it looks like she did really well with swimming!


don't ypou just LOIVE those ppl.. i know a few who lierally had their first child a few WEEKS before I had Aidyn and they always want to tell me how they think I can "improve".. WTFFFFF LOL