Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buying a House.. OH MY!

Buying a house is STRESSFUL.

Oh, I know. Complete shocker, right? I'm so freaking gullible, it's insane, haha! I think everything is just black and white.. crisp and clear. How wrong was I!

I'll say this one time and one time only... no not really. I'm probably going to reiterate this TONS of times..... people (and when I say people I say MOST realtors and salesmen..) are manipulative and materialistic. Now, if you're a realtor or saleman out there, please don't take offense... that's why I clarified 'most.' And I'm not usually this pessimistic, but mercy.

They are heartbreakers. They dangle things in front of you, give you hopes, then take that hope away with one quick wave of their magic 'i have the house that you want but can't really afford' wands. Boo on them, right? 

I know our budget. I know our prequalifying score. And I also know that this world has prices immensely screwed up.. or I guess not prices. How about 'values?' Grr. $139,000 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with no central air and no basement? No thanks! Goodness gracious. Once again, no offense to the sizes of anyone's house. I currently live in a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath house and I LOVE it. It's just.... I don't think this house we saw was worth that amount. Or how about calling a house and setting up a time when we could see it, telling them we're only approved for 'x' amount, and them telling us that since it's $4,000 LESS than their asking price, they don't want us to even come out to see it.

It hurts. We're a young couple. We're just starting out. We want enough space to really start our family. And we can't even catch a break :( 

I've heard over and over again to be patient, but it's not even like we WANT something right now... we just want a goal.. something to work towards, you know? Good thing we got pre-qualified or I doubt ANYONE would help us. It took that to even get a realtor to call us back. I just wanted to tell them-- 'No, we aren't preapproved YET, but please just hear us out -- hear our dreams.' I guess it's just the world today though. The drive is money, not helping others get to a good starting place in their life.

Alright-- enough of that venting. Now on to the good stuff. 

I'm trying to plan the decorations for our NEW HOUSE (in Jesus name!) How I want it to look, the improvements I would want to make considering what our new house looks like...

Our bedroom? BIG-CITY THEME. That's right. I wanna do it big, haha! I want to try and get a giant mural on one side of our wall of NYC or Paris or London... amazing! Tons of black and white. Classy, but fun! 

Our bathroom? (Hopefully we can have one, haha!) I want it to be Zebra Striped-- that's right-- stickin' with the whole black and white theme. We doin' it right, ya know! :P

Kitchen? I WANT A BISTRO! That's darn straight folks! The gorgeous wrought iron table, an island with bar stools to serve the kids breakfast in the morning... *sigh*

Living room? I'm gonna stick with our browns, tans, and teals :)  I have all of those decorations saved for a good ol' rainy day ;)

Tay's room? That's already figured out. Hot pink, black, and white polka dots!

The kid's bathroom? Something fun! Rubber duckies perhaps?

One day... 

one day...

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I can only imagine how stressful that must be. But when you're getting stressed and angry and frustrated count your blessings that you live in Ohio and not here. Because here first off we don't have basements at all. Then for $139,000 you get about a 2br/1bath house with no garage and modest sized living/dining combo area. Condos, not houses, go for nearly $200,000 here! Imagine trying to find a place in this area! Hope things start to smooth out for you. I know when it's right it will happen.


Have you tried just looking on your own? You don't have to have a realtor. We bought our house from a couple that sold on their own. It saves money for both the buyer and seller. A lot of money actually.

The biggest thing I can tell you is to be patient. We found our house when we weren't really even looking. It was just a coincident. We saw the "For Sale By Owner" sign at the end of the street on our way home one night and decided to drive by and look.

Also, don't settle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my house. I really do. BUT, I sometimes wish we'd have been a little more patient and not jumped so quickly on this house and instead waited until we found EXACTLY what we were looking for.