Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Project 365: Day 33- July 19th

We ran MORE errands today... again.. poor Tayler! Eating on the go again! :( But she's a total trooper, haha! Once we got home, I made 'breakfast casserole' and then we got ready for Papaw's softball game :) It was a REALLY late game tonight (talking 8:30PM!) sooo we got prepared with everything we might need-- blanket for Tay, extra clothes (in case it got cold which was highly unlikely considering the heat index was 103 yesterday-- I'm still that crazy, paranoid lady!), bottles, formula, diapers... and we hit the road. Tayler spent some time with Gigi because she hadn't seen her all day long!

She loves her Gigi! :)

Malorie even snuck in some time with her, haha! :) It was BABY CENTRAL there last night.... no kidding! Audra had all 4 of her kiddos there, Malorie had all 4 of her kiddos there, another girl had 2 kiddos, and I had mine, haha! Yea, it's a little wild, huh? :)
And look at this face, haha! She's so freaking cute.
We got home kind of late... like wayyyy past Tay's usual bed time, so I got home, gave her a bath, got her ready for bed, fed her a bottle, rocked her to sleep, put her to bed, then climbed into bed myself so I could watch ALL of the shows I've saved onto my DVR since Sunday. Just haven't had time to watch any of them! One Tree Hill.. Secret Life.. How I love you :)

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