Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Project 365: Day 17- July 3rd

Sunday was a pretty boring day. We drove.. and we drove... and we drove, haha!

By the time we got home from the Kalahari it was 4PM and I was busy getting things unpacked while E was getting ready for work.

It was a mess in our room, haha! :)

And I have an AMAZING story to tell you!

We went to Huntington Bank on our way home and E lost his debit card outside of the car... we didn't realize it and we drove off. Ethan calls me on his way to work freaking out because he can't get gas and can't purchase a drink because he lost his debit card. I'm heartbroken because I know the process of getting it back. So, I headed to the grocery store. When we pulled in the garage, my phone started ringing. I answered it and it was my friend Martha. She said, "Alyssa, did Ethan get his debit card back?" I was like, "How did you know we lost our debit card?" and she said, "My step-sister posted on Facebook that she found a debit card with the name Ethan B____" on it at Huntington and if anyone knows him, please let him know! So, I got in my car and headed over to her house and picked it up!! God is soooo good to us!! :)

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