Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Project 365: Day 18- July 4th

Our 4th of July started by going to the Depot :) It was sooooo yummy! I got the chicken tenders and fries with their AMAZING honey mustard sauce. It was sooo good! Plus, we took time to take some pictures. Here's me and my sweet baby girl!

And we went to Matt and Carrie's house. We miss our friends!! :( Ethan and Tayler hung out on the swing for quite some time. We love porch swings around these parts, haha!

And we HAD to share this picture... Tayler knows what kisses are now and opens her mouth wide to give them, haha! I love it! :)

Then we went with my parents and walked around at Zane Landing. We were sooo excited for Tayler's first fireworks.. y'all have no idea, haha! And here's Tayler's 2nd July 4th outfit (we had two for the day... above is what she wore in the morning hehe!) Here's Papaw and Tayler:

And the hubby and me posed for a picture as we were awaiting the fireworks:

And FINALLY at 9:45PM the fireworks began! Tayler LOVED them! I didn't think she'd really care, but boy oh boy, she was paying attention with HUGE eyes, haha!

Mommy and Tayler had a little snuggle time during fire works, then it was Daddy's turn :)

We had a great first fourth of July with Tayler!! :)

PS Did anyone else see a 'UFO sighting' during the fireworks display on July 4th, 2011???

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