Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project 365: Day 48- August 3rd

Tayler got a new toy today!

Once again.... I ask... What did I talk about or take pictures of before Tayler came into our lives? We must have been boring you before, haha! :)

We journeyed to Walmart because we wanted to get Tayler a jumper or a walker... something to get those legs strengthened. Tayler loves impromptu trips to the Wally World with her parentals... can't you tell? HAHA!

I always feel bad taking her places with us because chances are we are going to stop to eat along the way and she just sits there. It breaks my heart. I know she can't EAT our food, but still, haha! Is right to stuff your face full of Subway while she just sits there and watches? Poor thing, LOL!

But we saved the day by purchasing this bad boy:
According to the box it's a 'Bounce, Bounce Baby'.... we use the technical term: Jumper, haha! And guess what? SHE LOVES IT :)
She was pressing the buttons and making music play. Her favorite part is the lion. She pushes him and makes noises and talks to him, haha! I LOVE watching her interact with it. And I love that they make things now that you can put kiddos in while you're doing household chores, etc... and they can still be learning and interacting. Precious!


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