Friday, August 26, 2011

Project 365: Day 70- August 25th (and project 52)

We woke up this morning... EARLY. haha! We were trying to go back to sleep, but Tayler had other plans for us. Good thing that little booger is cute ;) haha! So, we went out to the living room and lo and behold, Papaw was out there. Of course, he asked for Tayler... IMMEDIATELY! :) So, we handed her over and he played with her for awhile. I took a few pictures of that because they looked so cute together :)

She is so chunky and cute, haha! :)

And guess what? Tayler turned 21 weeks old today! Can you believe that in 5 short weeks, my sweet baby is already half a year old?? Seriously. Like I cry thinking about it. I know I say this over and over again, but when people tell you that time flies when you have kids, they are SERIOUS. I cannot believe the things Tayler is doing. She is reaching out for things..... well, EVERYTHING. She knocks things over, haha! I'm still having trouble getting used to a semi-mobile (at least with her arms) child! You have to keep everything within an arms length when she's near. She turns off the TV now. Grabs my cell phone and presses buttons, haha! She sits up in the bath tub now. She had beef for the first time this week (she's not a fan, please note! :)) My oh my... where has my baby gone? :)

Want to see a snap shot of my 21 week old (almost 5 month old!)

Momma's sweet big girl :)

I love her more than life itself.

And we celebrated Daddy today. Doesn't he look super nice?? I'll announce more about that later ;)

I can't tell you how much I love seeing that man all dressed up. Yummo ;) haha!

So, since Daddy was gone today.. it was a Tayler and Mommy kind of day! We hung out outside on the porch swing (until the evil sun attacked us, haha!)

I even painted Tayler's toe nails.... and now we match! :)

Then Tayler played in her jumper while Mommy did chores...

And well, that wore her out, so it was obviously nap time, haha! :) 

I made stir fry for dinner and ran some to E.

Then we cuddled for the rest of the night, watched our addiction-- 'Sweet Home Alabama.' (Go Adam!) and we went to bed!


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