Thursday, October 6, 2011

Project 365: Day 111- October 5th

I took a picture this morning of Tayler and me :) We were hanging out and taking pictures for Daddy prior to her 6 month check up :)

She was all laid back huh? haha! Too funny! 

And speaking of that 6 month check up.... Tayler is now 19.7 pounds and 27.5" long! Can you believe how big she is?? She was 6.3 pounds at birth and 20.5" long.. so she has gained 13.4 pounds and 7." Mommies' big girl!! She was making everyone smile there.. she was laughing hysterically at random things, haha! She killllls me!

Once we got home, we went over with Daddy to the basketball court. She hangs out with us over there while we play some ball, but Mommy paused today for a picture with her!

You can tell how into it she was! LOL And guess what? I'm still beating Ethan (although he beat me today!) We have been playing PIG this week and I'm winning 6-5 as of right now. I'll keep you posted if that changes. Or will I? ;) haha!

When we got home, it was Tayler-Play-Time! Yes, we think it is hysterical that she enjoys picking things up with her feet. I don't know how she started that, but she does it with everything now lol!
Here's a picture of our play time:
We had such a good night and we ended it with X-Factor. Once they pick the  people, I'll fill you in on my favorites are!! 


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