Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CIO.... I'm Stuck

I'm failing in the CIO department.

We were doing SO good. It was taking her about 20 minutes to fall asleep. I was being strong. We were even doing it through naptime!

And now?

She screams bloody murder if I even take her in her room. I don't want my child being fearful of her own bedroom. That literally breaks my heart. I have started to try and put her in there through the day time and just let her play on the floor so she knows it's not a "bad" room... and she's doing better with that...

but if she's anywhere else, it's an ugly scene.

I can't handle the crying. And I'm not saying I can't handle the crying in the "it's-so-annoying" way... I'm saying I can't handle it because it literally breaks my heart. She has the saddest cry ever and mix that in with the "Mommma..." and I'm done.

The past two nights, I have let her fall asleep on the living room floor with a blanket, pillow, and bottle and then once she's out, I put her to bed. She does good with that, but not good with going to bed "in her bed."

I'm at a crossroads. I thought I had this whole thing handled. We were doing so good... then she just started freaking out. Nothing will calm her down. I put her favorite blanket in there, a bottle, and turn her favorite show on. I know everyone that reads this is probably saying, "You leave her in her bed and let her cry." Yeah, yeah.. I know. I'm just venting about how hard it is.

No parent wants to hear their baby cry... especially knowing they're the ones that are making the crying happen. It's a tough situation. We'll get through it... but not without a few whiny blog posts first.



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